Rseen CPA

About Us

Our Vision

To be an experienced establishment locally and regionally in the financial and business fields by forming professional partnerships with qualitative experience to provide a steady professional output.

Our Mission

In Rseen we function with qualified and expertise, with a high level of quality in the fields of accounting and auditing through its divisions and subdivisions, in order to achieve the trust of our clients and our professional community.

Our Objectives

  • Providing services in the fields of accounting and auditing through its divisions and subdivisions in accordance with the upmost quality standards.
  • Investing in Saudi competencies through qualifying and training in the field of our services provided.
  • Forming community partnerships that strengthen our responsibility towards the professional community.
  • Enriching the professional community in the scientific and awareness fields.

Our Core Values


We commit to professional ethics and quality standards in providing our services, and to contractual terms to integrate business solutions and professional needs and be able to keep up with the developments in the profession and the business environment.

Committed, Complementary, Acclimated


We are committed to accuracy and the agreed timing in meeting the requirements of our clients and the relevant standards and procedures followed in order to achieve the trust of the professional community and the trust of our clients by achieving the goals and maintaining secure information to ensure the quality of our outputs.

Professional, Trustworthy, Precise


We invest in qualifying and training competencies, and we are attentive in empowering our clients with their goals, interacting with the developments of the business environment and raising awareness of the professional community.

Empowers, developers, interactive


Assurance services

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Assurance services

Audit of Financial Statements

Express an opinion with reasonable assurance as to whether the entity's financial statements are free from material misstatement and have been prepared in all material respects in accordance with the applicable financial reporting framework - according to international auditing standards -.

Review of Financial Statements

Provide a conclusion with limited assurance as to whether the entity's financial statements are free from material misstatement - according to the relevant standard-.

Forensic and Integrity

Carrying out fact-finding and forensic work, settling financial disputes, studying internal control over financial reporting, and assisting the establishment in setting the necessary policies and procedures to enhance integrity and combat financial corruption and fraud.

Zakat and Tax services

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Zakat and Tax services

Zakat Declarations and Tax Returns

Submitting zakat and tax returns, including income tax, withholding, and value added, and providing the service of reviewing the preparation of the returns according to the specified period.

Objections and Appeals

Submitting objections and appeals against zakat and tax assessments before the GSTC, submitting a settlement request with the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority, and representing the taxpayer before the settlement committee.

Value Added Tax Advisory

Carrying out support services for the implementation of value-added tax, starting from preparing the initial procedures according to the appropriate legal form, verifying the establishment’s compliance with the relevant requirements, working on building the relevant model and testing transaction models, as well as assessing the relevant risks in investment and acquisition opportunities, planning for improving value-added tax and allocating Credit tax, and work on managing the audit process from the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority.

Providing zakat and other tax advisory services

Calculating the zakat on foreign investments, calculating the tax on foreign affiliates and permanent establishments, and studying contracts and the tax and zakat risks arising from them - the tax risks resulting from mergers and acquisitions -.

Accounting business services

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Accounting business services

Preparing financial statements

Preparing financial statements and complementary disclosures notes for the purpose of displaying the statement of the financial position of the enterprise on a specific date, determining the profitability of the enterprise and its cash flows during a specific period, and providing to financial information the financial statements users - in accordance with the applicable financial framework -.


Carrying out the process of recording the entity's daily financial transactions and activities, in addition to collecting, organizing and storing data to ensure that financial information is available in a timely manner - in accordance with the requirements of the applicable financial framework standards -.

Other Accounting Advisory

Providing specialized accounting consultations and accounting services in line with the establishment's business needs and objectives.

Governance and Risk Management services

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Governance and Risk Management services


Building policies and frameworks in accordance with the issuances of the regulatory authorities and in accordance with the best practices in force in the activity of the facility, which aim to define the responsibilities of the main stakeholders, enhance transparency, and ensure the integrity of the control system in force to enable the enterprise to achieve its business objectives.

Internal Audit

Carrying out the work of establishing the internal audit department, risk assessment and planning work for the audit, implementation and follow-up process.

Risk Management

Establishing and operating risk management in line with the organization's strategic objectives and stakeholder vision in determining the level of risk acceptance and the mechanism for limiting its impact.

Financial Advisory

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Financial Advisory

Estimated Budgets and Financial Forecasts

Preparing estimated plans for all financial activities of the organization based on studying the financial statements and analyzing standard deviations during specific future periods.

Financial analysis

Analyzing various financial statements with the aim of evaluating the financial performance to enable the enterprise to make appropriate decisions regarding its prospects.

Other Financial Advisory services

Preparing special financial reports that serve stakeholders and providing specialized financial advice and services necessary for the facility according to its business needs.

Other services

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Other services

Agreed upon Procedures

Carry out the procedures agreed upon with the facility and report the procedures that have been implemented and the relevant deliverables - according to the relevant standard.

Forensic Expert report

Submission of an expert report on a subject of a financial or accounting nature that represents a case or part of a civil, commercial, or administrative financial case with a financial impact that is being considered by a litigation body

Due Diligence

Examination Conducting an extensive analytical examination of the business in all its financial, operational, legal, and functional aspects, which pertain to the entity under examination, and submitting a detailed report of the results of the examination to the concerned parties.

Economic consulting and feasibility

studies A series of specialized and integrated studies to determine the viability and growth of investment projects, in addition to evaluating opportunities and threats, identifying economic obstacles to them, and analyzing resource costs in comparison with expected returns, with the aim of ascertaining their ability to achieve specific results that are consistent with the investor's motives.

Financing Arrangement

Studying and evaluating the financial needs of the establishment, identifying appropriate financing sources, and preparing the necessary financing file according to the requirements of the financing agencies.


We work in Rseen for Professional Services with competencies, qualitative expertise and a high level of efficiency in accordance with best professional practices in providing our services to enable clients to achieve their goals.

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