Rseen CPA

Zakat and Tax services

Zakat Declarations and Tax Returns

Submitting zakat and tax returns, including income tax, withholding, and value added, and providing the service of reviewing the preparation of the returns according to the specified period.

Objections and Appeals

Submitting objections and appeals against zakat and tax assessments before the GSTC, submitting a settlement request with the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority, and representing the taxpayer before the settlement committee.

Value Added Tax Advisory

Carrying out support services for the implementation of value-added tax, starting from preparing the initial procedures according to the appropriate legal form, verifying the establishment’s compliance with the relevant requirements, working on building the relevant model and testing transaction models, as well as assessing the relevant risks in investment and acquisition opportunities, planning for improving value-added tax and allocating Credit tax, and work on managing the audit process from the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority.

Providing zakat and other tax advisory services

Calculating the zakat on foreign investments, calculating the tax on foreign affiliates and permanent establishments, and studying contracts and the tax and zakat risks arising from them - the tax risks resulting from mergers and acquisitions -.