Rseen CPA

Other services

Agreed upon Procedures

Carry out the procedures agreed upon with the facility and report the procedures that have been implemented and the relevant deliverables - according to the relevant standard.

Forensic Expert report

Submission of an expert report on a subject of a financial or accounting nature that represents a case or part of a civil, commercial, or administrative financial case with a financial impact that is being considered by a litigation body

Due Diligence

Examination Conducting an extensive analytical examination of the business in all its financial, operational, legal, and functional aspects, which pertain to the entity under examination, and submitting a detailed report of the results of the examination to the concerned parties.

Economic consulting and feasibility

studies A series of specialized and integrated studies to determine the viability and growth of investment projects, in addition to evaluating opportunities and threats, identifying economic obstacles to them, and analyzing resource costs in comparison with expected returns, with the aim of ascertaining their ability to achieve specific results that are consistent with the investor's motives.

Financing Arrangement

Studying and evaluating the financial needs of the establishment, identifying appropriate financing sources, and preparing the necessary financing file according to the requirements of the financing agencies.